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Monday, 16 January 2012

#spartacusstories and #myDLA - how DLA helps 2 - #spartacusreport

  1. #myDLA NEVER pays for my bungee-jumping holidays because I have never slept anywhere other than MY bed for the past 12 years.

    #myDLA pays for new mattresses, pillows, bedding, night clothes that get soiled when I am sick or accidentally incontinent.

    #myDLA pays for chiropractor and massage - treatments NOT available on the NHS.

    #myDLA pays for alterations to my clothing as I can't buy off the peg clothes.

    This year I bought £300 of Ice Melt, I live in an ungritted cul-de-sac then told ALL #myDLA and motability car will cease 6th Dec '11/
  2. #myDLA without it I couldn't get out, couldn't afford the equipment I need and would be completely bed ridden. #wearen'tallscroungers
  3. Remember that you can't know that you might not be disabled in the future. I'm sure you would want respect & dignity. DLA is vital. #myDLA
  4. #myDLA is what helps me to live more independently. Without it I would be more reliant on others for help
  5. #myDLA pays for mobile phones so I am in constant contact with my carer, if I fall or run out of water I can call for help
  6. #myDLA means I can put the heating on BEFORE it's so cold I have headache, two winters ago that's how it was. Cold makes my condition worse!
  7. #myDLA never had a Dr assesment but have had 3 tribunals, can't walk without another person, can't transfer, had to appeal to get MRC
  8. I used #mydla to adapt my flat so that I can live in
  9. #myDLA - the only thing preventing complete financial dependency on partner or family. What price dignity?
  10. When contribution based ESA is time limited DLA will be the only personal income some disabled people have. #myDLA
  11. I've got to fill in another ltd cap 4 work form. Its making me feel like hitting the bottle or suicide #MyDLA.
  12. I suffer with/from depression & its getting harder to cope from day to day. Its getting more difficult to think of waking up anymore #MyDLA
  13. Don't know if I can go through another assessment &/ or an appeal #MyDLA
  14. I live in a residential home and #myDLA is only paid when I'm at home with my mum at weekends, my needs don't go away during the week though
  15. @Bubblejet #myDLA goes towards my heating and lighting bills amongst other things. It helps me,you and others survive.
  16. @Quinonostante I was lucky, my 3rd form & I got indefinite. With changes I think we'll all have to 'prove' ourselves frequently #myDLA
  17. #myDLA - how humiliating and distressing it is to detail just how pathetic you health problem makes you and how crap it makes your life.
  18. A 50 page form to explain how you poo, wee, sleep, walk, eat, sleep & then possible medical, yes, that's an easy way out isn't it? #myDLA
  19. I could use the extra money from #myDLA to go out now and again and eat properly. But claiming makes me too suicidal to be worthwhile.
  20. I have serious, long term psychiatric problems. I don't claim #myDLA because the application process is too damaging to my health.
  21. And while I'm at it, #myDLA pays for a Motability vehicle that allows me to stay in work. We are not scroungers or cheats.
  22. #myDLA was awarded without an assessment because MS is progressive and currently incurable. #rapidlyevolvingsevereRRMS
  23. #myDLA pays for me to use a taxi because I can't walk too and from the bus stop.
  24. @Tanni_GT #myDLA means I can eat real food, despite problems preparing it, and get cabs or similar on journeys most would walk

    @Rachela53 I'm trying not to think about what's going to happen if I lose #myDLA it's too worrying :(

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