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Here is a collection of Stories written by many different disabled people about the impact that DLA has on their lives. It also includes stories of fear about the proposed changes to personal independence payment.

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Monday, 16 January 2012

#spartacusstories and #myDLA - how DLA helps 9 - #spartacusreport

  1. My son went through a 15 month assessment process which was highly stressful for him before being diagnosed with #autism for #myDLA

    A clinically diagnosed debilitating neuro condition which is for life should be enough evidence. Anything more is bullying. #myDLA

    I might learn to better live with my impairments, but I will always be impaired. Removing #myDLA does not magically make me independant!

    Took me 2 years to get #myDLA in the first place. I had to appeal up as far as Commissioner for Social Security. Fortunately I'm assertive.
  2. #myDLA lifts me to a point where I'm independant enough to seem fine, whereupon I lose eligibility for DLA...
  3. reasessment of perminant conditions, IE blindness, deaf blind etc is pointless #myDLA
  4. Without #myDLA I would not have been able to hold down a job as would have had no transport. Would cost more in other benefits.
  5. DLA is often key in allowing disabled people to work. Without it, I fear many would not be able to. Is that what people want? #myDLA
  6. paper evidence works in some cases because it comes from those who know, consultants and experts, #myDLA
  7. Atos "Dr" said my Parkinson's Disease tremors were just anxiety & that got #myDLA removed. 2 years & 3 humiliating tribunals to get it back
  8. If claiming #dla is so easy, then how come my Dad had to jump through hoops & sadly die from pancreatic cancer before he was awarded #myDLA
  9. #MyDLA goes towards personal assistants to keep me independant age 25. wen i go into hosp its bills & my isolation however don't!!
  10. DLA does not pay for all extra costs disabled people face - but it helps & that is why it is VITAL & can be life-altering. #myDLA
  11. I won't get better. I WILL get worse, I've (begrudgingly) accepted that. Constant form filling & ritual humiliation doesn't help. #myDLA
  12. #myDLA is just enough to keep my widowed mum/carer+I alive. I had to fight as they said being bedbound with a neuro disease didnt entitle me
  13. #myDLA gives dignaty, gives sense of independence. the new PIP would lead to dependence.
  14. #myDLA My daughter was a student. She had to wait nearly six months for DLA after being diagnosed with cancer. She died six weeks later.
  15. #mydla My wife was left in constant pain after a routine operation caused nerve damage.There is no cure.DLA helped buy her mobility scooter.
  16. taken me 4 weeks to fill in #mydla form sent in so much extra paperwork just in hope of getting it expect to have a medical not an easy ride
  17. #mydla Without DLA, all three of us would never leave the house and her depression would have robbed her of the will to live.
  18. #mydla provides a motability car leased from the scheme. It also provides for extra costs related (cont)
  19. @lindylou120 It's such a SOULLESS process to have to go through & now the Media are just piling on the pain #myDLA
  20. Its bad enough being diagnosed w/a disabling condition but then having to justify why you need help is soul destroying + humiliating #myDLA
  21. Ppl who think it's easy to claim should read the form I filled in for #myDLA - how it feels to fill in, and consider I only got lower rate

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