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Here is a collection of Stories written by many different disabled people about the impact that DLA has on their lives. It also includes stories of fear about the proposed changes to personal independence payment.

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Monday, 16 January 2012

One Line Stories #spartacusstories #spartacusreport

A few months ago Iconic Imagery put out a call on twitter for one line stories we could share to demonstrate, life, disability and everything in between. These were mostly submitted via twitter and facebook. Here are a selection of them. For some of these people, sharing their story this way is the only way they can participate in One Month Before Heartbreak and we thank them for that.

@annaoverseas -#TalkingTuesday If I could get people to do one thing, it would be stop acting like my relationship with my husband is freakish. #disability

@enabledby -for Since MS dx @ 23, my life has changed in many ways: loss of health, long term relationship, financial independence & career

@annaoverseas -#TalkingTuesday If I had known I was allowed to take time off work to handle my #mentalillness I never would have had to quit my job.

@RichardBasehart -Due to my illness my degree became a 4yr one, then I had to drop out before graduating. I hate it.

@Morganlowry -Depression is a wheel that needs to be broken & put back together again!

@Samedifference1 -Born with CP. After uni decided 2 use talent of writing to write about disability and speak 4 those who can't speak.

@JillBonnFlip -Slippy factory floor, 2 slipped discs, failed surgery, legs & life never the same, goodbye motorcycles. #TBofBtwitterstory

@chaosgerbil -I've gone from working 12 hours a day to support my family to being stuck at home and struggling even to wash a few pots.

@yanto888 -house was repossessed in 1992 which sent me hypermanic, battled with manic depression for 18 years, every anti psychotic

@MargoMilne1 -In 2002 I worked full time, studied and volunteered over 1000 hours. Now I'm virtually housebound. Life changes #disability

@Becca_Boot -I was getting 14 A/A*GCSEs. I got 3 1/2.Even if my disability wentAwayMyLife would be dramatically different. #itcouldbeyou

@chroniclediseas Massive hip pains in youth. Know since 3yrs it's #ankylosing spondylitis. Now medicated but good life.

@littlemissalien -I started out normal. As each year goes by I get a bit more disabled. 29yo w/ #mecfs #eds #fibromyalgia #hypothyroidism

Myrtle Maid I used to be a teacher, now im disabled and depressed it can happen to anyone: I COULD be you !

@Becca_Boot I was able bodied until age 12. been getting progressively worse since then, the only reason I'm still able 2 do anything is b/c I put myself through agony w/ physio every single day.

@Kabieuk Kabie -i knew by age 2 i was different, whatever I do it's never good enough. The majority don't tolerate difference. #autism etc

@funkyfairy22 -When I applied for jobs I would get interviews then find they asked more about my disability (I'm a wheelchair user) than my skills and I was always second choice. Which made me more depressed.

@schizo95677 -Schizo-affective hate it when the depression hits, having the tv talk to me makes me exhausted trying to maintain my sanity

@visionsofviolet -I talk to myself, not for myself... Then I am told I am batty. Perhaps by night I am... #thinkingthursday

@yanto888 -I was sectioned in 1998 when my brother drank himself to death after 24 years in the army, drugged up to catatonia

@pennyessex -I worked with this progressive illness until 2 years ago when it really caught me up, now getting up some days is a chore.

@bolli_bolshevik -i used to be a woman, colleague, student, partner. Seen as attractive, fun, adventurous. Now i am a 'diagnosis'. #disability

@IconicImagery -2 yrs ago I couldnt have predicted how my life has changed. People who castigate #disability #mentalillness better pray its never them.

 Originally posted as part of the One Month Before Heartbreak Campaign Jan, 2011

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