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Here is a collection of Stories written by many different disabled people about the impact that DLA has on their lives. It also includes stories of fear about the proposed changes to personal independence payment.

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Monday, 16 January 2012

Nita's DLA story - #spartacusstories

I have complex interactive disabilities eg. chronic seizures, vertigo (believe me severe dizziness does not touch the descrption!), Chronic Anxiety Disorder including Agrophobia & obsessions, Clinical depression.. The list goes on..
I have relapsed after 8 yrs coping in the depression & anxiety areas which has knocked on.. Just getting crisis support... families & friends v worried...
Started checking reforms cos so scared for my self... Now i'm scared & full of care for all of us & fear of being punished is just too bad... & This is not about sympathy because our courage at times astounds me...
Now i've emailed MP for 1st time in life, with report.. I tweeted, shared links etc on Monday from bed & settee.. Got more ill thru day.. still exhausted, off my head, bent double with back,arm, hand pain, numb legs, dissociating etc..
Very difficult to know where tipping line is & doing best..
I have to say i'm proud for someone like me, who is very afraid now of government, to email & join twitter is no small thing.. you could say i'm facing my fears but i feel like a rabbit shouting to the hounds & it really is devastating!....
Will I stop? Can I stop? Where do I draw the line on legitimate bed/sofa activism & being overwhelmed by 'unbelievable' 'reforms' & being ignored by Govt.. very scary or legitimate paranoia?!
As just 1 tiny example the change to PiP removes supervision for danger & no longer includes night seizure... these seizures are some of most dangerous for me Have led to partial status epilecticus,,, which means serial seizures... i can take weeks to recover & from some i never have properly...
I started to receive DLA 9 yrs ago depite being entiltled all my life without knowing.. it changed everything for me including my attitude towards myself & to telling others of my sickness & diabilities & i use towards a low rent & transport etc.. Back into the abyss i'm on the edge of again, without it! Importantly I want to say thankyou to all my country people who have contributed to my DLA support for 9yrs.. I have never taken it for granted & I do not believe all our country wants this to go ahead... they just do not know about properly!
I support the Spartacus Report & a pause to the imminent abolishing of DLA in light of this very diturbing research which has overwhelming support..

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