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Here is a collection of Stories written by many different disabled people about the impact that DLA has on their lives. It also includes stories of fear about the proposed changes to personal independence payment.

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Monday, 16 January 2012

#spartacusstories and #myDLA - how DLA helps 3 - #spartacusreport

  1. @robomam Dunno how I'd pay my heating bills without #myDLA

    Any reporter that thinks getting #myDLA was easy has never had to fight to prove just how useless you are. Its thoroughly humiliating.

    #mydla I always get pros to fill my forms in. Not only do they know the language to use but it shows the DWP/ATOS/whoever you are not alone.
  2. #mydla I can't tell you how cross it makes me to see the media attacking people with disabilities. Utterly shabby behaviour.
  3. DLA forms are huge and outfacing, and supporting evidence from medical professional is required. Benefits are NOT just handed over. #mydla
  4. #mydla When we claimed, we were only given it for specific period. Some of it was for carers' allowance anyway because at the time I was...
  5. ..washing & dressing my husband & helping him get round the house in his wheelchair 24/7 with no help. #mydla
  6. This is 2 months' medication. #myDLA allows me a car so I can get it home.
  7. #myDLA without it I wouldnt be here.
  8. The press need to take responsibility as they are causing a rise in disability hate crime. Need to be held accountable for their lies #myDLA
  9. #myDLA my daughter, who is 15 and can not talk due to severe autism
  10. #myDLA was my gateway to benefits and supported me at the start of my career. I don't claim DLA now, but wouldn't be where I am without it
  11. #mydla Was helping pay for bills till it was taken away because "I can walk". My foot has been crooked for 2 years. Do you walk like that?
  12. #myDLA first came at a time of profound struggle and distress, when I was dealing with developing #narcolepsy. It still saves distress today
  13. Do you really think genuine frauds can't fake a face-to-face? Don't take away #myDLA in fruitless anti-fraud crusades
  14. I don't walk 180 metres in a week, let alone all in one go. I'm too angry and tired to argue so I'll just go without it - #myDLA
  15. They sent out a doc to examine me, and still denied me, claiming I could walk 180 metres. Don't know what world they are living in - #myDLA
  16. The DLAs that E & T receive help us to provide for their future when we are no longer alive to care for them. #FragileX #Autism #myDLA
  17. Without #mydla I would have literally no income. Would not even be able to buy food. It's all I get.
  18. "Forms are almost impossible to fill out it was not till my 4th DLA award that I finally got got “Indefinate award”." (Elaine) #myDLA

    #myDLA people out to defraud the system always find a way around it, it is the genuine claimants that normally lose out
  19. #myDLA pays for my adapted car which stops me being totally isolated and housebound; it pays for my Internet and mobile phone. My lifelines!
  20. Without #mydla I would have almost no access to the world outside my bedroom, no friends & only 45 minutes of sleep at a time.
  21. #myDLA pays for my mum to take care of me, to buy sensory clothing and equipment and to take me to places where I am understood and welcomed

    @Tanni_GT for me, #mydla is used for purchasing pre packaged foods, taxis2unfamiliar areas ,running my computer which i use4communication.


  1. DLA covers mortgage ( self adapted bungalow) and hubby to run car for us. I have secondry progressive ms , hubby heart by pass and failure not eligible for DLA and don't even know if he's eligible for ESA yet (shambolic ATOS). I was priced out of market and under assessed 12 hours a week for 'direct payments' from independent living fund, a charge of £56 pound a week......oh yes they means test the care component that is in the equation ..that's another story. I'm means tested on early retirement pension, they deduct £40 ESA a week and tax pension £17 a week. Worry about the degeneration of my health and NOT being able to meet cost at all of basic needs at all.

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