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Monday, 16 January 2012

#spartacusstories and #myDLA - how DLA helps 6 - #spartacusreport

  1. Don't blame me 4not having face2face 4#myDLA. I can't demands one, it's DWP's choice. Attack them if you want someone, not claimants

    Just had a panic attack because the #myDLA thread reminded me that my form's not finished and how unlikely the application is to go smoothly

    ATOS assessments wrong@ least 1in8. Surely them doing #myDLA assessments is waste of time &£, aside from kicking #disabled people when down?

    thermostat at 17.5 degrees all day #mydla turned up to 20 degrees warm in the winter

    I was very lucky & got #MyDLA at 1st attempt in 2008. If I'd given up then - which very nearly did - I simply wouldn't be here now.
  2. Took several weeks to complete #MyDLA form. Exhausting, depressing & degrading. CAB said "no one gets it first time, but must keep trying".
  3. Filled #MyDLA form in online. PDF copy saved is 57 pages, not incl. supplementary pages or evidence from neurologist, GP & MS nurse.
  4. #myDLA Have watched her health deteriorate. Trained dancer who now has to ask me to slow down on a gentle stroll.
  5. It was 3yrs of #stress #pain #depression #socialexclusion + #financialhardship b4 I got #myDLA. 5people needed2help with process. #benefits
  6. Pain killers, vitamin supplements, bath board, grab rails, big grip utensils, perch stool, elbow crutches, motability car, paid with #myDLA
  7. #myDLA My sister going to tribunal to get DLA for worsening fibromyalgia. Struggling to hold down 2 jobs to meet essential living costs
  8. When DWP first told me to apply for #MyDLA they sent paper form. Couldn't fill it in, 'cause couldn't hold pen let alone write with it.
  9. #myDLA lets me buy gadgets &equipt that SS won't provide. Pay 4car -pub transport, always get injured. Heat enuf 2lessen pain. Live.
  10. Just reassessed4 #myDLA. 58 questions, 38 page form, 27 extra typed pages &about 30 pages reports by med pros. What other info can be 2give?
  11. #myDLA took 3 years 2 medical assessments and 3 tribunals this time, 2 years and a tribunal last time. Obviously that's just a form to fill
  12. #myDLA and of course a our DLA pays for our motability car - most importantly they INSURE disabled drivers without excessive loading
  13. Though I should have been eligible while ill and disabled due to injury, I didn't apply for DLA: the paperwork was too overwhelming. #myDLA
  14. #myDLA is assessed in conjunction with supporting docs like hosp letters, presciptions and carer statement.Why presume all fraud? @emmaboon
  15. Why I urge people with Mental Illness to respond the twitter hashtag #myDLA. #mhuk
  16. #MyDLA was initially awarded without medical as I'd just been in hospital with severe mental health problems.
  17. G got #myDLA without a medical - but with references from his GP, 2 neurologists, cardiologist, physiotherapist, speech therapist, OT + more
  18. #myDLA is the difference between living alone with help or going into sheltered accommodation. Without it I'd cost more to keep alive.
  19. No system is perfect but i'm happy to pay my taxes to support others through #dla. #dailyfail #mydla.

    All these tweets about #myDLA make me concerned that I won't qualify for it when I become sick enough to need help due to my MS :-(

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  1. I know I am going to loose my DLA when the review comes up in a few weeks time. I am ill at the thought of filling in the forms, they are so confusing and none specific to my illness.
    I use my DLA to help pay towards my medications and feel a little bit of financial independance. If/when I loose it, it means I also loose my carer as she will no longer be allowed carers allowance to care for me. I don't know what will happen to me then as I can do very little for myself. Is't very frightening just the thought that you will be told you are fit for work when you are so obviously not, when you sometimes cannot even manage to brush your teeth.
    PIPs need to be rethought and DL need changes to help those who need it not discriminate against the weak and vulnerable.