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Here is a collection of Stories written by many different disabled people about the impact that DLA has on their lives. It also includes stories of fear about the proposed changes to personal independence payment.

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Monday, 16 January 2012

#spartacusstories and #myDLA - how DLA helps 5 - #spartacusreport

  1. If I could work I would work - but with 4 useless limbs this isnt an easy task. I cant even get myself out of bed without help. #mydla

    #myDLA afraid.My partner works full time.We pay full rent,council tax,medical.DLA lets me have a life. Now I have to go thru an appeal again
  2. Remember that you can't know that you might not be disabled in the future. I'm sure you would want respect & dignity. DLA is vital. #myDLA

    My DLA keeps me independent as a blind person, covering the cost of purchasing technology to help with day-to-day tasks tbc #myDLA

    and the further costs of keeping that technology up-to-date, paying for taxis to places I've not been shown the route to, tbc #myDLA
  3. giving someone some money for help in showing me the route to somewhere or for their help in resolving problems with the tbc #myDLA

    technology I rely on (yes Mr Cameron, people, even family won't always provide help for free!) and much, much more. #myDLA

    The Daily Fail makes me ill. Has the UK no idea that being disabled means we fight 24/7 to live without these sorts of "assistance"? #mydla
  4. DLA is not an out of work benefit, it is awarded to cover the additional costs associated with having a disability. #myDLA
  5. @Rachela53 @lucytweeting DLA is not a luxury but the difference between living an independent life and not living at all #myDLA
  6. #myDLA I dread the day the brown envelope of doom falls onto my hall floor. I have an indefinite (cont)
  7. Many disabled people are forced to use some or all DLA to pay towards gas & electric bills that are higher due to disability. #myDLA
  8. Reassessing my lack of sight periodically under the new system for PIP will be a waste of money, because false eyes don't recover! #myDLA
  9. Wife took two years to get hers as a paraplegic, I got carers allowance but could only get backdated a year, lost nearly £2000 #myDLA
  10. #myDLA I have MS, how is face to face going to help me? its called an "invisible illness" for a reason!
  11. Julie says: "I get confused enough on a good day by those forms,if I’m having a bad period, then guess who gets no money? " #myDLA #mhuk
  12. #myDLA Stroke Survivor. Unable to leave home unacompanied Housebound with associated heating and cooking costs due to DLA cuts. Gimme a job?
  13. #mydla helps to get me out and about when I'm able and helps break my isolation.
  14. #mydla enables me to pay for my prescriptions, puts food on my plate, shoes on my feet and clothes on my back.
  15. #myDLA means I have just enough independence that fiancé asked me to marry him instead of running screaming at what I had to ask him to do
  16. #myDLA I was refused!! It made me go to appeal were I won my case. The Dr said I should have got it after my medical. The Daily Mail make me
  17. #myDLA I had to fight for my DLA(which I have lost, waiting for reconsideration)seeing a junkie that used to shoplift from the place I cont
  18. #mydla 1)Shock horror I’ve had DLA since 1983 with no reassessment!
  19. #mydla 2) Like 000s of others I’m permanently paralysed as a result of spinal cord injury.

    #mydla c) Being (re)assessed face to face wld be a waste of time and money for many conditions – unless the Mail can work medical miracles

      #mydla 3) Being (re)assessed face to face wld be a waste of time and money for many conditions – unless the Mail can work medical miracles

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