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Here is a collection of Stories written by many different disabled people about the impact that DLA has on their lives. It also includes stories of fear about the proposed changes to personal independence payment.

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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Fit For Work? #spartacusstories #spartacusreport

 Please note: This video is particularly distressing to watch. It is an individual's honest representation of Britain's secret shame.

"Any society, any nation, is judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members ; the last, the least, the littlest."

This is the effect of doing something on a pretty good day I used to take in my stride, if I had sat about doing very little finding things to keep me occupied that don't involve physical effort I would not have become so out of breath that an hour or so later is causing shakiness and the aches are setting in. This is how many of the the governments benefit scroungers live, choices of living in filth or days when it is possible doing a tiny bit here and there which is massive to the person doing it.

Originally posted as part of the One Month Before Heartbreak Campaign Jan, 2011

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