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Monday, 16 January 2012

We Should All Be In This Together #spartacusstories #spartacusreport

I’m a campaigner for disability rights issues. This is a moot point as not being disabled myself, it can raise a few heckles.

I do so from the perspective of being a carer and see everyday the way that disabled people are disenfranchised, ignored and abused.

I’m not keen on the “parent pity piece” about the challenges faced by carers.  I’m not belittling them either its just that  sometimes hearing carers talk about how “awful” their life is because of the “burden” of their relatives, simply reinforces the negative stereotypes surrounding disability and heightens ignorance.

I feel that as difficult as life can be- it’s much more difficult for my disabled children, my mum, my sister and my nephew.

When you know that the human rights act only recently recognised disabled people it demonstrates that many of us are still quite slow on the uptake.

Life lived from the outside causes anger that can miss it’s target but worse is the devastation that overwhelms me when the erosion of the civil rights of disabled people is met with disinterest and disdain.

Things were tough enough before the coalition and now the new raft of changes or ‘savings’ if you believe the political spin -seem to herald an unprecedented era of doctrine that will leave disabled people bereft.

The manipulation of Tory friendly media and the slow response of those who should be shouting loudly but are still entrenched in a Lib Dem shock bubble -is suring up in the minds of the public the “fact” that disability benefit claimants are disingenuous thieves.

Local councils forcing through their changes to vital services with seeming stealth and haste are bringing pressure to bear both on staff and Adult disabled service users to roll over, take the cuts and shut up.

Disabled children, the group most favoured by those seeking public office as a sure fire, vote winning, photo op- remain largely out of the fray at the moment.

They will be next.

I’ve been challenged by some people who say that something has to be cut,  so why should disabled people be any different.

If we leave aside the argument that Tax avoidance and bankers bonuses would remove the necessity of cuts, my response is straightforward.

In a civilised society we have a duty of care, these cuts to services and the changes to DLA will mean that disabled people will die.  We elect these people. We make the choice.

 It’s being done in your name.

Fiona Pilkington  and her daughter Francecca, David Askew, Stephania and Sam Wolf were murdered by apathy and neglect.

When we turn our heads and look away we are all co-conspirators. 

When we retreat to our comfort zone when we take cover safe in the knowledge that the cuts are happening to someone else we bear the blame and deepen our shame.

So sign this petition. It’s not you today but it might be tomorrow.

 Originally posted as part of the One Month Before Heartbreak Campaign Jan, 2011

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