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Monday, 16 January 2012

A True "Big Society" #spartacusstories #spartacusreport

I don’t know all the details of the benefit reforms. I am not a financially minded person, I have difficulty counting past 20, as I’ve run out of fingers and toes by then. One thing I do know, however: this government does not care about its people. The ConDem government is forcing disabled people to jump through hoop after hoop just to receive the support that they need, deserve and are entitled too.
I am registered as a disabled student and a disabled employee. I work in a university and my both my job and my desired future career are at risk because of this government’s proposed actions. So many people have marched and protested against cuts to universities. My heartfelt desire is to see the same level of response to the proposed cuts to the benefit system. But we can respond in other ways than simply marching. Those of us who are in work should support those who cannot work. David Cameron wants a Big Society? Let’s give him one.
My blogging friend Ali Quant has recently posted on her blog about the impact this so-called “reform” will have on her and the actions she plans on taking. It is disgraceful that those who have overall responsibility for our welfare could leave people with such little hope that they will take their own lives, for Ali is by no means alone in her despair. I, and so many other people, care deeply about Ali, and others like her. This issue is close to my heart, so close that I cannot find the right words to express myself.
I believe that we should fight back, all of us. The proposed plan is for those of us who are able, to give £5 a month to a central fund, so that if people like Ali lose their financial support, they will never be left destitute. 200 people giving £5 a month would raise £12,000 a year. This is an enormous, ambitious proposal, but within our means. Our project is in its infancy and we have yet to decide how we would distribute the funds we raise. In addition, this money would never be a secondary income to what people on benefits already receive, rather it would be an emergency measure only for if anyone loses their income and is forced into abject poverty. The wealthy should always support the poor, something that our government has yet to discover. Will you join me and my friends who have already committed to this project? Even if you cannot afford to contribute, you can still commit to the cause. Will you spread the word by posting about it on your own blogs? We can start small, we can plan to support our friends in the Madosphere. But we can think big too. I believe in the power of ordinary people to make a massive difference to those who are at times less fortunate than ourselves. Do you?
This was not originally my idea, Phil Groom is (contact him for the password), but it is an idea I am so happy to stand up for. I believe that every individual has value and worth, simply by existing. Working does not equal our worth. Our worth is measured in who we are. Let us spread this message back to our government and to everyone in this country.

Originally posted as part of the One Month Before Heartbreak Campaign Jan, 2011

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