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Monday, 16 January 2012

#spartacusstories and #myDLA - how DLA helps 7 - #spartacusreport

  1. anyone who thinks claiming #myDLA involves "simply" filling out a form has no idea how dehumanisingit is explaining how you use the loo.

    #myDLA pays for my Motability car, without which I would have a difficult time getting out of the house at all. And easy cook frozen food.

    #myDLA is a 40 page doc not just a form. Compulsory medical checks for people with permanent disabilities is demeaning and costly @emmaboon

    on Armistice day surely #dailymail has nothing more repectful to report than slamming #myDLA Bet some soldiers didnt need medicals either

    I've had my incurable disability (CP) from birth. It won't get any better and is unlikely to get worse, hence no medical needed for #myDLA

    #myDLA is for my daughter it allowed me to cut down hours at work so I can be with her more getting the extra attention she needs xx

    the day I lost #mydla appeal I had to give my meds to a friend to look after because I didn't trust myself with them.
  2. #myDLA filling Gs form took us 3 weeks. Pays for things like new wheelchair back rest: £150, new wheelchair cushion COVER: £50
    New laptop battery (gives me 4 hours writing time): £27. New wheelchair battery (means I can go outside): £385. #myDLA
    DLA is not an out of work beneifit, it is claimed in and out of work #mydla
  3. #myDLA enabled me to work, and it does so for many disabled people
  4. @LucyTweeting thankyou lovely :) its crazy without #mydla i could end up in a nursing home..costing government more money in the long run..
  5. My Wife; Who has to sleep in a chair, can only just get to the toilet with help, has to be washed but has a mind like a steel trap. #myDLA
  6. The estimated fraud rate for DLA is only 0.5% of total expenditure #myDLA
  7. @theJeremyVine DLA often enables disabled people to work. Welfare Reform Bill details will mean many will not be able to anymore #myDLA
  8. #myDLA form was so overwhelmingly long and difficult that I had to get a charity to fill it in for me.
  9. Took 15 months to get #myDLA for my severely autistic little girl. In what world can that be considered too easy?
  10. @disabledmedic YES! #myDLA helped me get back to uni, and I also got DSA which helped get the support I needed to graduate! I WANT to work!
  11. #myDLA The one time I was asked to attend an assessment, the assessor took one look at me, picked up the phone...
  12. #myDLA was awarded on the strength of the reports that my GP, etc sent at the request of DWP - just like everyone else who claims!
  13. #myDLA will help me to get back to uni and then onto work. Isn't that what everyone's so bloody keen on?
  14. Took 15 months to get #myDLA for my severely autistic little girl. In what world can that be considered too easy?
  15. obviously #mydla was fraud not having a medical only gp, neuro, physio, speech therapist & social worker reports. A stranger would do what?
  16. I have an invisible illness. It took me two years, a medical assessment and a tribunal to get #myDLA. It was highly damaging to my health.
    1. Because my illness is also variable, I let #myDLA lapse when my health improved, and now I have relapsed I have to go through it all again.

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  1. My DLA pays for the 8/10 taxis I need each week to get to my 82 year old mum who I care for; it also funds my ridiculously high fuel costs for extra heating to manage my pain and many laundry loads for my incontinence 'accidents'. Oh and Never mind the ever increasing GP/hospital visits!