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Here is a collection of Stories written by many different disabled people about the impact that DLA has on their lives. It also includes stories of fear about the proposed changes to personal independence payment.

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Monday, 16 January 2012

#spartacusstories and #myDLA - how DLA helps 10 - #spartacusreport

  1. #myDLA My fight to change the law for students goes on. Please visit Protect those who need it! #Freudwerenotallfrauds

    #myDLA My fight to change the law for students goes on. Please visit Protect those who need it! #Freudwerenotallfrauds
  2. My son went through a 15 month assessment process which was highly stressful for him before being diagnosed with #autism for #myDLA
  3. After one assessment, the assessor wrote down the wrong distance I could walk & #myDLA was stopped. It took a year of appeals to reinstate..
  4. #myDLA My condition is progressive and won't get better. I Paid NI & tax when I worked so DLA is NOT FREE! Took me 18 months to get it after
  5. #myDLA for Nate is not 'just because I filled out a form' but because he is at risk of sudden death and requires overnight home ventilation
  6. Ignore tabloid lies like today's Daily Mail and read the #myDLA hashtag for real picture: DLA is about independence not benefit scrounging
  7. I have a genetic inherited progressive incurable neuromuscular disease #myDLA the clue is in the diagnosis waste of money retesting
  8. independence can be reading your own post,cooking a meal unaided etc,though this govt want to penalise independent disabled,shameful #myDLA
  9. my dla helps with transport,communication &technology costs. i'm blind, dla keeps me independent.we don't all have helpers on tap #myDLA tbc
  10. #myDLA was awarded 23 yrs ago without a medical because I have a progressive genetic condition that will in all likelihood be the end of me.
  11. #MyDLA was awarded 2 me after 9 months of applying-appealing & going 2 tribunal even though i've had some conditions since birth.
  12. I was turned down first app for #myDLA awarded on appeal I have progressive MS wouldn't be mobile without it - lets me have a life + a job
  13. #myDLA My Aspie daughter's DLA was supported by a paediatrician, psychiatrist & her GP. Who else is she supposed to see?
  14. #myDLA Application form v intrusive and stressful. In tears over it. Mental stress knocked me out for days. MS won't go away. Fear DLA will.
  15. #myDLA Awarded 12yrs ago. Help with form from SocServ Link Worker. Wld be w/out transport w/out DLA. V rural, no public transport. Have MS.
  16. #myDLA isn't mine, it's my sisters - means she can live an amazingly independent life as part of a Garvald community rather than be in care
  17. I had to fight for years to get #myDLA even though I've had a progressive autoimmune condition since aged 3.
  18. #myDLA I had to fight for DLA lasting more than 2 yrs at a time despite having Progressive MS. I still only re… (cont)
  19. Like many people, transport costs, care costs, extra other costs. It doesn't cover it all but is necessary help. #DLA #myDLA
  20. #mydla I won't say why my wife has DLA but without it we would be living in a cardboard box. It has been a godsend though its still not engh
  21. #myDLA My Son grew from an autistic child into an autistic adult. That how these incurable things work you see. DLA allows him independence.
  22. #myDLA was *refused* without an atos medical - and then reinstated at appeal, still without an atos medical.
  23. #myDLA awarded because of evidence on my forms from my NHS and social services professionals. Why should they need atos medical as well?
  24. #myDLA was cut off because being periodically unable to communicate or cross a road safely was deemed fine at my last DLA review.

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