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Monday, 16 January 2012

Paul's Story

So nice to hear from Sue and I watched her on Newsnight being ignored as she spoke. Sue im so proud of you the person and for all you do.
I posted here a short while ago about how I dreammed of meeting someone with similer condition’s to not be alone for the rest of my life. but with the new P.I.P. And other draconian rules and shameful way one partner has to feed the other just as you tried so valiently to point out Sue. your partner paying out of his pocket and not you having independant finances to meet your need’s. Now Marilyn has spoken out so bravely Hello Marilyn. You mention side effect’s from various treatment’s. I dare not imagine. I do know the painkillers im on have shocking side affect’s on me. but try telling all this to a tick box computer being used by a Government Robot. So Im like you and countless others very real anxiety and fears for the near future. regardless if im eligible for the new shameful P.I.P. AND ORE UNEVERSAL CREDIT.
I have no doubt even with these new benefit’s if awarded to me would not be anywhere enough for me to sustain my life as it is meaning I will have to take my own life im trying to prepare for the inevitable. I will starve and freeze to death slowly but surely. I wont be able to manage my condition’s whatever. thing’s will go back to the darkest of years when I did not get these benefit’s indeed just the lower rate of D.L.A. Where I had to pay for prescription’s. in 2003 for example I ran out of my Anti Depessant but could not afford to pay the prescription for a few day’s. but my withdraw’s was within 24 hour’s. I beggen N.H.S. For one tablet. 9What do you expect me to do send it down the telephone line ?). I begged the crisis team three times to lock me up by the next day. as I lay on the floor screamming in agony. The third time I was told the worker had went to the shop. So I called the Emergency Doctor out. after waiting a while I had enough. I called the police said if you dont get here within 7 minutes I will kill myself. they were there in 5 . The Hospital kicked me out as usual after one night after I got home the emergency doctor came 36 hours after I called for one. and gave me a repeat prescription that I could not afford to pay for. I still have it as proof.
The med’s were the wrong type of care anyway I kind of liked to float over the a platform and want to jump other times due to my trauma it was the Bridge. Just how much have I cost the tax payer indirectly due to lack of proper care and finances to help manage them as best I can while not disturbing our causing harm to others ???
Without One higher rate of D.L.A. Later awarded I just could not possibly be alive now. in short D.L.A. Is a life saver for me in emotional distress along with a hidden physical disability that is very expensive to help manage. it also includes very frequent and expensive Taxi Fares.
As a Media volunteer a few years back I spoke to a reporter I was asked how much I get on telling them I was told. (Oh that’s far to much for a single person). and Taxi fares are a luxuary). I wonder did they think I had an imaginary wife working all day to feed us both ?
I only get the lower rate mobility which only pays for one return taxi trip. so I use all benefit’s combined to my best ability to pay for thing’s as and when needed. and my dreaded massive gas and electric bill’s. I cant even pay for our get help to access support to cook food for me and other personal thing’s. im wasting away very quickly on very strong med’s that hopefully will finish me of before this warped Government R.I.P. D.L.A. And all who ”DIE”With it. Please all let’s be a P.I.P. Of a different final solution. PAIN IN PARLIAMENT.

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