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Monday, 16 January 2012

#spartacusstories and #myDLA - how DLA helps 11 - #spartacusreport

  1. #myDLA was so ill the paperwork for dodgy loan was easier for my disordered and chaotic mind.

    #myDLA for my son is not 'just because I filled out a form' but because of intractable, devastating epilepsy #dravetsyndrome

    To constantly be reviewed for #myDLA would cost so much when I'm only ever going to get worse. My doctors literally had to stop me working!

    #myDLA this is as well as them getting report from my GP and my physiotherapist

    I get DLA, because I damaged my spine in a fall. I get help so I can get and around. ##myDLA

    #myDLA buys the incontinence pads, extra clothes, extra bedding, extra train tickets for my support people that I couldn't manage without.
  2. #myDLA was awarded without a medical because my condition is progressive and I'm already profoundly disabled - long way up a one way street.
  3. #myDLA makes it possible for me to leave the house. Without my Motability van the only transport I could safely use would be an ambulance.
  4. #myDLA DM articles & like are pure lies & hate. Why? I don't understand. It's so pointless.
  5. #myDLA took me 16 months of lengthy appeals, tribunals and fighting with various govt bodies. A medical would have been pointless, my..
  6. ..nuerological disabilities are extremely hard to assess in such an examination. #myDLA
  7. #myDLA granted for being in excruciating and unremitting pain 24/7/365 after being struck by lightning in 1983… (cont)
  8. I didn't have a medical for #mydla I had a tribunal because all my medical evidence wasn't good enough... 1/2
  9. ... because ATOS wrongly gave me 0pts on my ESA assesment and that forced me into 2 tribunals :( 2/2 #myDLA
  10. #myDLA I had a face to face medical in my home as am housebound due to hms mobility issues and no wheelchair or advice from OT etc.
  11. @BendyGirl Applied for my autisitic teenager. School/medics supported app. DLA are welcome to try and interview her 1/2 #myDLA
  12. #myDLA Used to help me get out and about, now, after 4 years without it, I am trapped indoors, depressed and contemplating suicide. My life
  13. #myDLA I get it as I'm bedbound w M.E. DLA review refused on paperwork last year, stopped entirely on 'medical'.
  14. #myDLA Reinstated at highest rates after MP backed appeal. Whole thing took 18 months. Shouldn't need MP to get basic support, ffs.
  15. I got #myDLA without a medical because it would be a waste to duplicate the work of so many doctors in the past diagnosing and treating me
  16. I get #myDLA due to a miserable collection of problems. My life is a struggle but I only get lower rates. The Mail is on another planet.
  17. When I hear they want to take #myDLA because somebody else claims it fraudulently, my heart beats in terror at the thought of being trapped

    Without #myDLA I could not have the hoists I require just to leave my bed, nor the huge car and hoist to carry my powered chair
  18. #myDLA didn't need an interview. I have severe, multi-systemic Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome impairing every function of my body. It's progressive


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  3. I don't see prospective employers looking at my CV in a very good light.
    "Need to sleep 12+ hours per day. Behave like rag doll for the remaining 12. Need constant supervision to care for self and avoid hurting self. Can't walk far, need wheelchair access, need someplace to take regular lay down. Can't do bright light or loud noises, no, telephones or multitasking possible. Cannot intergrate with more than two people at a time or become confused. Get left and right and on and off mixed up. Have thermostatic instability so must have room at correct temperature all year round. Must have regular meal breaks for small snacks or blood pressure swoops causing me to faint. Other problems not willing to disclose here".
    Any takers? No I thought not.
    Please act in a humane manner, delay the PIP and rethink the DLA. It should be a benefit of inclusion not exclusion, it helps so many of us remain independent.