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Here is a collection of Stories written by many different disabled people about the impact that DLA has on their lives. It also includes stories of fear about the proposed changes to personal independence payment.

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Monday, 16 January 2012

#spartacusstories and #myDLA - how DLA helps - #spartacusreport

  1. #MyDLA If it wasn't for DLA I wouldn't have been able to work, take my family anywhere and, now I'm retired, get out and about

    I have no family or Carers to help me with my #disability & #illness so #myDLA helps with daily needs incl rent, taxis & takeaways.

    #myDLA helps me live more independently ?

    #myDLA helps me pay for extra travel costs

    I lost a chunk of my right leg had a vigorous 121 interview 2 verify my claim.Due a new interview so they can see if its grown back! #MyDLA
  2. Remember that you can't know that you might not be disabled in the future. I'm sure you would want respect & dignity. DLA is vital. #myDLA
  3. #myDLA - the only thing preventing complete financial dependency on partner or family. What price dignity?
  4. A 50 page form to explain how you poo, wee, sleep, walk, eat, sleep & then possible medical, yes, that's an easy way out isn't it? #myDLA
  5. Pain killers, vitamin supplements, bath board, big grip utensils paid with #myDLA #disabilityCanBeHidden
  6. Many people have no clue about the challenges & extra high expenses disabled people, parents & children have to face daily. #myDLA
  7. #myDLA - When I was working I filled in hundreds of these forms with people who couldn't fill them in themselves. Takes at least 2 hrs.
  8. Hateful back pain, hateful hip pain, fed up with being in pain and being fed up of being in pain #mydla

    Refused #myDLA 1st time & appealed because most had to. Renewed every 3 years until 2010, now yearly. Conditions are #incurable & worsening.

    #myDLA has given me taxis to & from hospital appts, heat & light when I'm in 24-7, heating pads & ice packs, ready meals & takeaways (contd)

    #myDLA pays for Virgin - an internet community that supports me when I'm suicidal, vital phone connection & TV to keep me distracted (contd)

    #myDLA pays for cat food for my furry companion & might pay for a cleaner now that my #wifely_one has gone home to help her parents (contd)

    #mydla helps make it to hospital appointments & allows me to buy inexpensive new clothes when mine are soaked in blood. Is that luxury?
  9. #mydla is only mine because my parents fought tooth & nail for it, while providing all of my care & my healthy sister's too. Is that easy?
  10. #mydla gives helps me to buy health-related necessities & to get by day-to-day. It enables me to pay for essential care. Is that scrounging?

    #myDLA - When I was working I filled in hundreds of these forms with people who couldn't fill them in themselves. Takes at least 2 hrs.

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