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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Steves story #spartacusreport #spartacusstories

I made a claim for DLA 6 years ago. This was based on my 32 years of agoraphobia .... now severe. My claim was totally dismissed by the DWP (simply by ignoring what my GP wrote and stating that I was okay) and after three unsuccessful attempts I appealed in 2008. When they first totally rejected my application I started to believe that the DWP must know what they are talking about, so maybe I was okay ... then I realised they had employed inexperienced people who knew nothing about disability (but were probably on targets to achieve refusals) or were lying.

The first stage of my appeal was a 'medical examination'. What a farce! I met a retired GP who knew nothing about agoraphobia, who spent a long time telling me about his career, asked me (an Honours Graduate) stupid questions such as who the Prime Minister was, did some arm wrestling and knee-jerks reactions (for agoraphobia?????) and reported to the DWP that I was okay because I was not scared when there was the sound of drilling from the next room! I cannot understand how a man of such low-intelligence became a GP but I can fully understand why the DWP employed him as a 'refusals man'. And I realised that he had a very nice retirement job and could not afford to lose it and the huge sum of money he no doubt 'earned' by allowing too many claims; he had to refuse most to retain his job, I assume. The system was designed to minimise the number of successful medicals.

I then appealed and went to a Tribunal. Literally a FEW minutes before I entered the Tribunal the representative for the DWP told the Tribunal that she had to leave on urgent business but that the DWP conceded I should be awarded DLA. So for three years they rejected me by telling lies but when faced with having to explain themselves in front of intelligent members of the Tribunal, they could lie no more. And could not face me either.

The whole process was a sham, with the sole intention of preventing me (and others, of course) from being awarded DLA. The Tribunal awarded me Mobility allowance (which I had claimed) and also Care allowance (which I had not claimed) and gave both indefinitely. I think they added the Care Allowance to demonstrate to the DWP that my case was serious and that the DWP's stupidy had resulted in a higher figure being paid out than if they had accepted my genuine and modest claim in the first place.

I had assumed I would never have to go through that ordeal again but it now seems I will. And they will make life Hell for those who dare to claim.

But I note that no similar ordeal has to be experienced by the bankers who caused the financial problems and have since been awarded billions in bonuses.

The ill, weak, vulnerable, elderly and disabled (not friends of the Tories) need to stick together to avoid being down-trodden by the government's desire to punish them for the transgressions of the wealthy (the friends of the Tories).

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